Witcombe Waters


2 Hillview Cottages, Witcombe, Gloucester GL3 4TR, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Class and casual meet at Witcombe Waters, a unique trout fishery located within the Witcombe Estate.

These waters are comprised of three spring-fed reservoirs of four, nine, and 15 acres in size.

The estate has been home to the Hicks Beach family for over 400 years and is surrounded by 1,500 acres of glorious woodland and parkland. Visitors love Witcombe Estate for weddings and corporate events, plus many seek out the grounds to rent holiday cottages for a total getaway.

Fishing at Witcombe Waters is very much in line with what people expect from the estate, with touches of refinement and accessibility.

The fishing at Witcombe Waters operates on a pass system. Users can pick up tickets for a full day (or six fish) stay, plus there are passes for six hour stays. Evening tickets are also available. Prices are available by telephone and booking is not required.

What size do the fish go to?

The stock at Witcombe is replenished weekly. Rainbow trout in the two and a half pound range are common. Reports suggest the fishery record is a heaving 14 pounds, eight ounces.

What facilities are on site?

Witcombe Waters offers boat rentals within proper regulations, plus a hut is available for tea and refreshments.

Cottage rentals are available at Witcombe Estate for those so inclined. There is also an equine livery and shooting available on the property.

Those seeking another sort of delight might want to check out the arboretum at the rear of the property, as it is the home to the famed Gloucester Old Spot pigs.

Is parking available?

There is ample parking at Witcombe Waters.

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