Kingfisher Carp Syndicate Lakes


Gunthorpe, Nottingham, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

The Kingfisher Carp Lake is a syndicate water that is 15 acres in size and stuffed with carp.

This Nottingham spot advertises 18 pegs, which are well-kept and ready for use by anglers of all skill levels.

This is a private lake run in conjunction with Ashfield Angling, but it has been maintained in pristine condition and carries a number of interesting features. Kingfisher Carp Lake boasts an unusual shape in perfect seclusion, creating a quiet fishing experience for members complete with gravel bars.

Birdlife is common on this water, with herons, kestrels, and owls often spotted in the vicinity.

What size do the fish go to?

The Kingfisher Carp Lake boasts at least two 40-pound carp in the waters. A 41-pound mirror carp was snagged in this spot as well, amounting to the biggest one of its kind ever caught in still Nottingham waters.

Five or six carp are said to be close to the 40-pound range, while 25 clock in at 30 pounds. There are 50 or more carp in Kingfisher that weigh in at over 25 pounds.

What facilities are on site?

There are plenty of local amenities, including three public houses. Delivery services will provide food at Kingfisher Carp Lake, plus several shops are nearby for a change of pace.

The lake is set 500 yards from the main road.

Bait boats are permitted on location.

Is parking available?

Anglers can park to the rear of their pegs. They will be granted key access by the bailiff on premises.

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