Croxley Hall Fisheries


Croxley Hall Farm, Rickmansworth WD3 3BQ, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Set in the Colne Valley near Rickmansworth in Hertfordshire, Croxley Hall Fisheries are notably located on a private estate. This site features five lakes established on 70 acres, with three syndicates fishing the waters.

Croxley Hall Lake is noted as the “Jewel in the Crown.” This is an eight-acre gravel pit dug out over 45 years ago, resulting in a site that still includes some of its original carp. A stock of prominent “Croxley commons” was added in the late 1990s.

Cressacres Lake is a typical runs water. The lake was dug in 1976, with carp stockings taking place regularly. Recently, 30 C4 and C5 carp were added.

Broadacres Lake, due to open in April of 2021, is an addition for the Cressacres Carp Syndicate. A four-acre pit, this features average depths of five feet and features like gravel bars and plateaus. There are nine private pegs on Broadacres.

Kingfisher Pool is one and a half acres in size, with an average depth of about three feet. Plenty of gorgeous fish teem these waters, including more of the Croxley commons. This is a small water, with room for just two anglers at a time.

Longwater Lake has six swims and is just over an acre in size. Average depths are between three and four feet.

Trout Lake is the property of the Croxley Trout Syndicate, a limited membership group formed in 2001.

What size do the fish go to?

Carp in Croxley Hall Lake range up to 40 and even 50 pounds. A stock of 20 Leney carp added in 2004 have grown into 30 and 47 pounds.

Kingfisher Pool features a stock of carp from the Croxley commons and Dinton Farms strain, now assessed to dial in between 20 and 37 pounds.

What tactics work well?

Tench, bream, perch, and roach can be caught on the float at Longwater Lake.

What facilities are on site?

Croxley Hall Fishery has lots of facilities for members, including toilets, running water, and electricity.

There is also a login system that tells users who is fishing on what lake – all in real time.

Is parking available?

There are two secure car parks near the lakes, sited behind locked gates.

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