River Colne


Denham Court Drive, Denham, Buckinghamshire, UB9 5PG, United Kingdom

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Presented by the Uxbridge Rovers Angling Club, these four stretches of the River Colne provide plenty of angling variety.

Start with the 0.9 path of the Huntsmore, the newest spot on the River Colne and the top section of the river. This runs from Iver Lane to the weir pool, with a bottom section that features fast-moving gravel patches and lots of features. There are 25 swims here, with depths ranging three to seven feet.

Rickmansworth is just under a mile on the River Colne, with depths of three to five feet and 50 total swims. As with the Huntsmore, there is a quick gravel spot and a weir pool. Barbel, chub, and bream are the most common catches here.

There are two options for fishing Denham: the golf course side or the gravel side. The upstream segment provides more seclusion, but the swims are less manicured. The central gravel portion is home to many “personal best” catches from anglers. There are 60 swims along Denham.

The Troy section of the River Colne is closed until 2023, when the Troy Lake is to reopen. With 15 swims and one mile of water, Troy runs three feet deep. When it reopens, it should be home to some decent specimens.

What tactics work well?

Fishing the Huntsmore is perfect for kicking back with a feeder rod and some lunch meat and letting nature take its course. Trotting bread on the bottom section turns up good results, too, with chub the most popular catch.

Taking a catch at the Rickmansworth is suited for stick float, ledger, or free-lining. Bait spread over a bed of feed works well, but so does a nomadic approach that keeps the angler moving.

Fish swim for cover when the sun’s out at Denham, so check the swims that provide the most shelter. Rolling meat works best, as the waters are clear and the stock can see through almost anything.

Is parking available?

There is parking for each section of the river. Access is through locked gates.

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