Woburn Sands Syndicate


Blackthorn Grove, Woburn Sands, MK17 8, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Owned and operated by the Vauxhall Angling Club, Woburn Sands is a quality syndicate spot that has been home to many famous anglers over the years.

Today, this five-acre site is a Club spot with a lot of depth. There are several flat banks along the sides, with tree-lining providing plenty of coverage and variety.

This spot is just on the west side of Woburn Sands, just to the southeast of Milton Keynes.

Mostly known as a specialist carp lake, this water carries a number of bream, tench, and pike as well. That gives anglers plenty of variety once they venture in, with many of the fish in Woburn Sands earning nicknames due to their impressive bearings.

The Club has made a good effort to stock the lake at Woburn Sands and that’s tilted things a fair bit, with plenty of fish of good size up for a catch.

What size do the fish go to?

The carp run up to the mid-30s in these waters, while the newer common and mirror carp are about 10 pounds and growing well. According to reports, the top-weighted carp in Woburn Sands is about 35 pounds.

What tactics work well?

Visitors must follow all Vauxhall Angling Club rules as per the handbook. Members must carry their signed membership books with them when at the waters and be able to present them when asked to do so.

Pike fishing is permitted between October 1 and March 14.

What facilities are on site?

Information on facilities at this spot is a little hard to come by, but there is a public house in Milton Keynes nearby.

Is parking available?

There is parking at Woburn Sands.

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