Wholsea Grange Fishery


Skiff Lane, Holme-on-Spalding Moor, York, East Yorkshire YO43 4BE, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

The Wholsea Grange Fishery, located in York’s Holme-on-Spalding Moor neighborhood, welcomed its first visitors in 1997. Both competitive and recreational anglers can expect a high-quality experience from here when they go fishing. The complex features four fishing ponds.

Pond 1 is approximately 1.5 acres, with depths of 10 feet. It has 15 pegs on the single bank and 23 pegs for fishing on the double bank. The pond contains carp weighing up to 15 pounds, as well as roach, bream, and skimmers, as well as tench and gudgeon.

The New Lake is a match lake, roughly 2 acres, with 35 pegs and a healthy population of carp that can reach up to 8 pounds. It also contains ide, tench, and roach. The pond has various features, including islands, lily pads, and reed beds, and it extends to a depth of approximately 7 feet.

The Snake Lake is a 26-peg beautiful river-style lake tucked away from the others. It is winding, narrow, and surrounded by trees, reeds, and lilies. It offers a healthy stock of carp, skimmers, tench, ide, and chub.

The Old Pond is a peaceful and lovely little pond with 7 pegs and home to carp, skimmers, roach, rudd, and tench among its fish population.

What size do the fish go to?

Carp can go to above 15lb

What tactics work well?

Coarse fishing tactics with barbless hooks only, and no braid lines, or trout pellets.

What facilities are on site?

Net dips

Is parking available?

Parking is available but at owners risk.

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