1081lb in Six Hours Breaks The Todber Manor Match Record

Breaking the Unthinkable Barrier

Not long after the Todber Manor match fishing record had crossed the 800lb mark, it was shattered again, which left the angling community stunned. An angler managed to reel in a staggering 1081lb of carp in just six hours. The idea of the 1000lb weight threshold being breached had been a topic of speculation, but few imagined it would happen so soon.

The Economics of the Catch

Keepnet cost: The angler used 20 keepnets until he ran out, which prompted a discussion about cost and logistics. A quick search shows that even a modestly priced keepnet costs about £40. Therefore, the total cost for 20 keepnets was a staggering £800.

Given these figures, questions arise about the affordability of matches at Todber Manor. The combined cost of bait, entry fee, and the need for multiple keepnets could make these matches unaffordable for many anglers. Also, there’s the logistical issue of fitting 20 keepnets into a van or car, along with other necessary gear, which is already a struggle for many fishermen.

Overstocking Concerns

The record-breaking catch raises questions about whether Todber Manor is overstocked. It’s noteworthy that the record breaker and several anglers around him also reported massive catches.

Crunching the Numbers

Doing the math, the angler’s catch rate is over 3lb of fish per minute or a staggering 180lb per hour. These figures underscore the unprecedented nature of the record.

Reactions from the Angling Community

The record-breaking feat sparked various reactions among the angling community, predominating negative sentiments.

On the positive side, some anglers defended the record breaker, praising his skill and angling ability. They pointed to his past achievements and wins to argue that he is a seasoned and highly skilled angler.

However, a significant number of anglers expressed concern and criticism. The welfare of the fish was a major worry, with some questioning the ethics of keeping so many fish in a confined space for extended periods. Others voiced their apprehension about how this event might affect the public’s perception of angling. They argued that such large catches at what they likened to a ‘stock pond’ do not truly reflect an angler’s skill.

The speed at which the catch was achieved also sparked concerns. Some noted that with such a fast catch rate, fish care likely took a back seat. Criticisms were also leveled at the event’s organization, suggesting that nets should have been weighed and emptied periodically rather than holding large fish for the entire duration.

Moreover, several anglers indicated a preference for a more balanced fishing experience. They believed that catching such massive weights takes away from enjoying the sport.

The Future of the Sport

The aftermath of the record-breaking event at Todber Manor has raised some important questions about the future of match fishing. Are these skyrocketing weights good for the sport? Many in the angling community seem to think not.

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