Beefold Fishery


Unnamed Road, Atherton, Manchester M46 0BW, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Bee Fold Fishery is a Day Ticket mixed coarse fishery situated on a 2.2-acre lake. With an average depth of 5 feet, reaching up to 11 feet in some places, the lake provides a good environment for a diverse range of species. The fishery has 31 comfortable pegs and is wheelchair accessible, offering easy access for all anglers.

What size do the fish go to?

The size of the fish at Bee Fold Fishery can be quite impressive. For instance, according to an article in the Leigh Journal, a 21lb carp was caught at the fishery, showcasing the potential for substantial catches.

What tactics work well?

Given that Bee Fold Fishery is a mixed coarse fishery, employing tactics suitable for coarse fishing would be beneficial. This might include float fishing, feeder fishing, or ledgering, depending on the specific species targeted.

What facilities are on site?

The fishery is equipped with 31 comfortable pegs and provides easy access for wheelchairs, ensuring an inclusive and accommodating fishing environment. Further information about additional facilities such as toilets, bait shops, or cafes, is not provided in the available data and should be inquired about directly from the fishery.

Is parking available?

The provided information does not specify if parking is available at Bee Fold Fishery. It would be best to contact the fishery directly to inquire about parking facilities.


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