Bury Hill Fisheries


The Boathouse, Old Bury Hill, Westcott, Nr Dorking, Surrey, RH4 3JU, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

The ‘old lake’ is now in private hands and cannot be fished, there are now 3 lakes, all nice, but the venue is no longer a day ticket venue; it is membership + cost per visit.

Part of a 200-year-old estate, Bury Hill Fisheries is set in a picturesque, secluded valley in the heart of the Surrey Hills. Nearby towns include Redhill and Dorking. This venue is just a 40-minute drive from London.

Bury Hill Fisheries is regarded as one of the finest day ticket fisheries in the United Kingdom. It is home to carp to 40 lbs., pike to 30 lbs., double-figure zander, bream, tench, crucian, rudd, roach and perch.

This 20-acre fishery boasts 3 beautiful lakes. This venue is easily accessed by public transport, disabled-friendly and permanently staffed. It is ideal for juniors and disabled anglers.

The Bonds Lake is a 2-acre, 20-peg water known for its hard-fighting, single and double-figure carp. The Milton Lake is a 3-acre, 30-peg water that is home to golden crucians to 2 lbs, double-figure carp, roach to 3 lbs., tench to 7 lbs., golden rudd, perch and bream.

The Temple Lake is a big carp lake well-stocked with pedigree English carp. This 4-acre water holds over 90 20-lb. carp, more than a dozen of 30-lb. carp and at least 2 40-lb. carp. This water is run on a strict membership basis and an annual membership fee is paid. 

What size do the fish go to?

Carp go up to 40 lbs., pike to 30 lbs., bream to over 10 lbs., tench to 9 lbs., zander to 16 lbs., crucian carp to 4 lbs. 8 oz. and roach to 3 lbs..

What tactics work well?

The Bonds Lake is a site for beefy pole elastic or powerful float and feeder rods. Pole anglers use banded pellets over fishmeal groundbait. Another successful way to catch carp on this lake is by using method feeders or a straight leger cast to the island or down the margins with mini pop-ups on hairs.

All methods work at Milton Lake, from pole tackle, with its superior presentation at close quarters, up against reeds or lily pads, to waggler, feeder or bomb, for exploring further out or when conditions make float fishing tricky. Soft hooker pellets, red or white maggots, casters, corn, worms, bread and meat are all reliable baits. Small balls of groundbait introduced on a regular basis seem to concentrate the fish.

What facilities are on site?


Is parking available?

We couldn’t find any information about parking available on site.

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  1. You need to update your website. The ‘old lake’ is now in private hands and cannot be fished, there are now 3 lakes, all nice but the venue is no longer a day ticket venue, it is membership + cost per visit.


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