Chichester & District Angling Society Lakes


Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 6YB, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Popular with pleasure, match and specimen anglers, Chichester & District Angling Society Lakes consists of a fantastic set of club lakes. If you are looking to fish on a secure venue with wonderful surroundings and wildlife, this fishery is your best bet.

Churchyard Lake holds specimen carp to 40 lbs., pike, roach, rudd, perch and tench. This lake has 29 swims.

Whyke consists of 2 lakes joined by a single narrow channel: Whyke 1 and Whyke 2. Whyke 1 has 20 swims and Whyke 2 has 36 swims. This water is home to carp, bream to 14 lbs., big tench, pike, roach and rudd. There are several 20-lb. fish residing in these lakes.

Known for its lily pads, Quarry is home to carp to over 30 lbs., roach, rudd, perch, bream, pike and tench.

Known as the club’s premier match water, the Long Lake covers 2 acres of water and has 35 permanent match pegs. The match record for this lake stands at 118 lbs. (5 hours) and 198 lbs. (8 hours). This water is also perfect for pleasure anglers who are looking to catch carp to low doubles, bream, crucian carp, tench and silver fish.

Once part of the big Long Lake, the Little Long Lake is home to mostly silver fish but also contains some crucian carp, single figure carp, tench and a few skimmer bream.

Nyewood consists of 2 ponds: upper and lower ponds. Both ponds are approximately 2 acres in size and are home to carp to 23 lbs., roach, perch, tench and rudd.

Hartin Coombe Pond is an intimate, small pond covering 4 acres of water. Situated in a woodland setting, it is home to carp, roach, tench, rudd, pike and perch.

Rother Durford is a small stretch containing grayling, roach, dace, trout and gudgeon.

Rother Chithurst is a quality 1-mile stretch that is home to stunning roach, dace, chub, grayling, gudgeon, trout and perch.

What size do the fish go to?

Carp go up to 40 lbs and bream to 14 lbs..

What tactics work well?

Float fishing and ledgering work well for fishing on Whyke and Quarry.

Pole, float and quiver tip fishing work well for fishing on the Long Lake.

What facilities are on site?

This venue offers secure parking for members.

Is parking available?

Parking is available on site.

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