Clifton Marina


Clifton House Road, Clifton, M27 6NG

Fishery Information

Regarded as a challenging water, Clifton Marina is a task for the more experienced angler. Located within the beautiful Clifton Country Park in the heart of the Irwell Valley, it is hard to notice that you are actually in the centre of the city of Salford. This is a 48-acre country nature reserve of which the lake makes up just a small part.

There is little information on weights of fish here but what we can say is that the Marina is well stocked with a good head of carp, many of which are mature and have reached great weights, as well as good-sized tench and bream.

The picturesque stretch of water features an island and there are notable shallows at each end. Not an easy water to fish, many an experienced angler has come away with no catches, although when a catch made at Clifton Marina it is often a surprisingly rewarding one.

It is recommended that care is taken in choosing a peg, and that you approach this impressive and exciting water with patience in mind.

What size do the fish go to?

Little has been written about the size of the carp and other fish in Clifton Marina but it is said there many into double figures that are impressive indeed.

What facilities are on site?

Clifton Marina is a part of the Clifton Country Park, which has toilets, a cafe and other facilities for families and children.

Is parking available?

Parking is available close to Clifton Marina with the country park.

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