Elmbridge Fishery


Bryans Green, Droitwich WR9 0ND, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Offering three well-stocked lakes in the heart of Worcestershire, the Elmbridge Fishery is perfect for holidays and daily getaways.

Peacock Pool is the smallest of the lakes. With two dozen pegs and an island down the middle, this pool has a wide variety of stock.

Pheasant Pool has 40 pegs spread out over two acres. It hosts the largest fish at Elmbridge, making it ideal for specialist fishing and matches. Depth can range up to a dozen feet.

Heron Pool is the biggest spot at Elmbridge Fishery. With 43 pegs, this site is generally used for the Elmbridge Fishery Open Contests and private bookings.

What size do the fish go to?

Fish in Heron Pool have clocked in all the way up to 16 pounds, 11 ounces. In match outings, a winning catch of 287 pounds and eight ounces was hauled out of the water.

The record fish out of Pheasant Pool was 31 pounds, six ounces.

Record fish in Peacock Pool span up to 20 pounds, nine ounces. Competition weights of 167 pounds, three ounces have turned up.

What tactics work well?

Uneven grounds can be an issue at Elmbridge Fishery, so anglers must take care and pay attention at all times.

Anglers are authorized to bring a single dog with them, but consent must be granted ahead of time.

Night fishing is not allowed at Elmbridge.

What facilities are on site?

Elmbridge Fishery sells various types of bait.

There are toilets, as well as seating and sanctuary for those seeking a lunch break.

Is parking available?

On-site parking is available near each pool, eliminating the need for a long walk to the pegs.

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