Forbes of Kingennie


Forbes of Kingennie Dr, Dundee DD5 3RD, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Forbes of Kingennie, created and owned by former Scottish National Fly Fishing Champion Mike Forbes, offers fishing for rainbow, blue, and brown trout across four well-stocked fishing pools. The fishery caters to both beginners and experienced anglers, providing a variety of fishing experiences throughout the year.

What size do the fish go to?

The fish size varies depending on the pool, with average sizes ranging from 1lb to 2.5lb. However, there are larger fish up to 20lbs in some of the pools, such as the Boathouse Pool.

What tactics work well?

For the Boathouse Pool, mini lures like green peas, yellow dancers, and hot head damsels work well, as do nymphs and buzzers if the water clarity is good. For the Bankside Pool, smaller flies and variations of damsel nymphs are effective. Bloodworm imitations and buzzers also work well throughout the year. In the Burnside Pool, popular tactics include fishing lures like hot dead damsels and orange blobs on intermediate or sinking lines.

What facilities are on site?

Forbes of Kingennie offers a fishing tackle shop with essential items like flies and leader material, fishing lessons for adults and children, and a fully licensed Country House with hospitality and mouthwatering cuisine. In addition, there are luxury lochside fishing lodges available for self-catering accommodation.

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available at Forbes of Kingennie.

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