Loch Libo


Glasgow, UK

Fishery Information

Loch Libo is located adjacent to the village of Uplawmoor on the main Barrhead to Irvine road (A736). The loch has depths of around four feet with a silty bottom in most areas. The Scottish Wildlife Trust owns it, and half of the bank area is a nature reserve, which is out of bounds to anglers. SCG members have exclusive access to fishing. Fish species present in the loch include carp up to 20lb+, tench, roach, perch, and pike up to just under twenty pounds. Anglers must use the level crossing for access to the loch and exercise caution when doing so.

What size do the fish go to?

Carp in Loch Libo can grow up to 20lb+, and pike can reach just under twenty pounds.

What tactics work well?

No specific tactics are mentioned, but the loch is home to various fish species, including carp, tench, roach, perch, and pike.

What facilities are on site?

No specific facilities are mentioned for the site. Anglers should bring their own supplies and equipment.

Is parking available?

Parking is available in the layby near the reserve, which is about 0.6 miles after Shillford when approaching from Barrhead. Set your SatNav to G78 4DG, which will take you to the level crossing at the railway.

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