Marriner’s Pool


Wexham, UK

Fishery Information

This fishery is run by Uxbridge Rovers Angling Conservation.

Marriner’s Pool is a popular fishing venue located in Iver, surrounded by tranquil farmer’s fields. It offers year-round fishing and caters to anglers of all ages. Pike fishing is strictly prohibited, and any member found engaging in pike fishing will face immediate suspension and a disciplinary hearing.

What size do the fish go to?

Marriner’s Pool contains a variety of fish species, including carp that average 10-15lb, with the occasional twenty-pounder for those seeking a challenge. Bream are also present, with specimens weighing over 7lbs. The size range for other species such as roach and rudd is not specified.

What tactics work well?

Various methods can be successful at Marriner’s Pool. For carp, anglers can try a standard boilie approach, freelining corn, or targeting them from the surface during summer afternoons. Float and pole fishing techniques work well for bream, skimmers, and silvers.

What facilities are on site?

Marriner’s Pool provides convenient amenities for anglers. The fishery has its own clubhouse on site, featuring regularly cleaned toilets, including a disabled toilet. The venue offers a comfortable and accessible environment for visitors.

Is parking available?

Parking at Marriner’s Pool is accessible by entering the code from your membership on the gate’s keypad and pressing enter. The designated parking area is on the gravel surface, while parking on the grass is not permitted.

Please note: The provided information emphasizes that pike fishing is strictly prohibited on Marriner’s Pool.

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