Messingham Sands Fishery


Butterwick Road, Messingham, North Lincolnshire DN17 3PN, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Messingham Sands Fishery is an expansive venue that spans 66 acres and is located in picturesque surroundings. It is designed to accommodate all varieties of anglers, from the highest level of competition anglers to the most devoted club match anglers, as well as pleasure anglers of all abilities and specimen anglers who can target a variety of fish species.


There are three different lakes, each of which offers day passes for admission. All lakes that sell day tickets are set aside exclusively for recreational anglers, which ensures that there will always be available pegs.

Oak Tree Pond offers year-round fishing for all skill levels. The Oak Tree Pond has a large range of species of various sizes, making it a great place to catch fish even on tough days. Lake depths range from 2ft near the borders to 8ft in the middle. The Oak Tree Pond is known for its big stocks of carp and silverfish, so whatever your target species, you will catch plenty of fish.

North and South Lakes offer night fishing only allowed from double pegs and they requires a reservation.  Both Lakes are popular Catfishing spots and have a fantastic stock of carp and catfish, with good growth rates and natural breeding. The Lakes also have a good stock of silverfish, including roach, rudd, skimmers, and Bream.


There are five distinct lakes, each of which is teeming with fish and each of which has something unique to offer anglers interested in booking a match. Only those who have pre-booked and paid for a spot in one of the open or pre-booked matches can fish in any of the following match lakes. Anglers are not permitted to practice or engage in recreational fishing in this area.

Island Lake is the most scenic match lake, with 65 well-maintained pegs and adjacent islands, lily pads, and rushes. Lake depths range from 2ft near the borders to 8ft in the middle.

Swan Pond and Little Swan, formerly one lake, offer plenty of fishing space. Both lakes have underwater islands and margins that hold fish.  With depths up to 14ft, finding the fish can be difficult, but with the right method and conditions, large match weights are often recorded.

Tripp Lake is located in a wooded area north of Messingham Sands Fishery. The lake is used only for match fishing and is float-only, making it a popular venue for club and open matches with parking behind every peg. No non-fishing visitors are allowed, which reduces bankside disturbances during matches. The lake is heavily stocked with Carp, F1’s, Crucian Carp, Skimmers, Ide, Roach, and Silver Bream.

Hollywood Strip is the original lake and resembles a river or canal. It is 450m long, 30m wide, and 10ft deep, with parking behind every peg. Carp are the main target species in this lake, but there are enough F1’s, Crucians, Skimmers, Perch, and Tench to compete when the carp are not feeding.

Hollywood Bowl is 450m long, 30m wide, 10ft deep, and has parking behind every peg. The Lake’s final phase will add 14-16 pegs and loop around an elongated island, separating the outer bank pegs. Carp, F1’s, Skimmers, Ide, and Crucians are also in good supply and they can produce winning match weights.


The two lakes that are part of the syndicate are well-known for the scenic settings and the varied fishing experiences that they offer to the members of the syndicate. The syndicate lakes are suitable for anglers of varying skill levels. they contain carp, catfish, and a substantial stock of roach and bream.

Lenny’s Lake is the larger of the two syndicate lakes  recognized for its picturesque settings and diversified fishing experience  provided to  syndicate members.

Ralph’s Lake, the smaller of the 2 syndicate lakes, features double-digit carp and 40lb+ Catfish. It has  17 pegs that can all produce carp in a rapid session, with many members capturing 10+ fish in one session. Ralph’s Lake also features specimen silverfish, bream, skimmers, and roach. This little personal pond contains reeds, lily pads, overhanging trees, and weed patches, and is great for anglers seeking an action-packed day in picturesque settings.

What size do the fish go to?

Carp over 30lb, Catfish over 60lb

What tactics work well?

Traditional carp fishing methods are frequently successful in bringing in enormous heads of carp. It is up to the angler to decide which baits to use, and there is a wide variety of options that have been shown to be effective. Small packages of bait, such as PVA sticks or bags, packed with  pellets and chopped boilies can be very effective.

Wafters and popups should be used as the hook baits of choice. During the warmer months, the lakes have the potential to provide active anglers who prefer stalking and surface fishing with some outstanding sport fishing opportunities.

What facilities are on site?

Tackle and bait shop


Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available.

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