Pillaton Hall Farm Fishing


Pillaton, Penkridge, Staffordshire ST19 5RZ, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

There are three excellent coarse fishing pools at Pillaton Hall Farm, all of which have breathtaking views of Cannock Chase. The Pearce family constructed the pools consistently stocked with high-quality fish in the late 1990s. The fish come from some of the oldest lakes in the United Kingdom. Its desirable location attracts fishing members from Wolverhampton, Stoke-on-Trent, the West Midlands, and Penkridge and Stafford in Staffordshire.

All the pools have a wide variety of fish species, ranging in size from skimmer bream measuring one inch to monster carp weighing twenty pounds. Everyone, young and old alike, is welcome at Pillaton Pools; however, for their safety, children under the age of 16 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult with at least two years of fishing experience. Facilities at Pillaton Pools that are accessible to people with disabilities include purpose-built pathways and fishing platforms.

Even though all of the established coarse fishing pools have a healthy population of fish, such as bream, carp, roach, crucian carp, eel, golden orfe, mirror carp, perch, rudd, and tench, each of the pools has its unique personality:

The largest pool at the resort is “The Dip,” located at the most remote part of the site. It has an island in the middle, and the waters are shallow around the margins, with depths ranging from one foot to nine or ten feet around the island. Because the waters are shallower around the margins, it is more child-friendly.

The Marl Pit is the smallest pool on the site used as a stock pool. In addition to housing a wide variety of larger fish, it is the only pool with ghost carp. The middle has the deepest point, which is 6 feet deep, while the edges have depths of approximately 3 feet. It is a great pool to use on hot days because some tree cover is on one side, providing much-appreciated shade.

Pool 4 is only a few years old but it has improved tremendously. Because it is located a little further from the parking lot than the other pools, fewer people fish in it, so the fish are in excellent condition. The end of the pool closest to the gate features a sunken island two feet below the surface and gradually drops to about eight feet deep around the sides of the island. The average depth of the pool is eight feet.

What size do the fish go to?

Carp can go to over 20lb

What tactics work well?

Barbless hooks must be used at all times. Individual unhooking mats and landing nets must be used at all times, sharing is not permitted under any circumstances. No hemp, peanuts, or floating baits to be used, and there is no stalking fish.

What facilities are on site?

Play areas

Caravan and camping site

Toilet ad shower facilities

Tackle and bait shop

Disabled accessible platforms

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available.

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