Poppleton Lakes


Poppleton Lakes YO26 8JU, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Poppleton Lakes are a collection of six lakes located on the outskirts of York. The lakes are:

 House lake No. 1, with 25 pegs and designed in the shape of a snake.

House lake No.2 is a mirror image of house lake No.1, with the same number of pegs.

The third is  Doughnut Lake, located just past the owners’ cottage. There are also 25 pegs at the Doughnut Lake.

The Railway Lake is the fourth lake, and it is the furthest away from the parking lots. It has 25 pegs.

The fifth is the Horse Shoe lake with 31 pegs on and a middle part measuring 16 meters from one bank and 22 meters from the other. There are pegs all the way down the middle section, and this lake is home to some of the lake’s largest occupants.

The Speci Pond is the final lake on the complex, and it is open for fishing both day and night. Night fishing must be booked in advance.

Wide varieties of fish are found in all of the lakes including carp (common. mirror, ghost, and crucian), roach, chub, perch, bream, tench, and barbel.

What size do the fish go to?

excess of 26lbs

What tactics work well?

Fishings rods, bait, waggler

What facilities are on site?

Cafe, Toilets

Is parking available?

Yes parking is available

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