Soke Road


Silchester Road, Tadley, RG26 3PY, Hants, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Presented by Stacey’s Fishing Club is Soke Road, a location consisting of three interlocked lakes.

All three lakes have been stocked with a little dose of hybrid carp, giving the site extra flair. The Club has put some time and energy into improvements, working on the bank and taking on multiple restocking efforts. That’s brought Soke Road up to par as a terrific spot to get some angling done.

The first lake at Soke Road is slightly deeper than the others. Stacey’s Fishing Club notes that it’s located just to the right when leaving the car park. It’s full of bream and skimmers, plus there are carp into the double-figures. Plan accordingly.

The second lake is on the left when leaving the car park, while the third lake is a bit up the road. The second and third lake feature a good deal of carp, with bream, roach, and perch sprinkled in – just for fun.

What size do the fish go to?

Fish are a good size at Soke Road, with bream often showing up in a lot of catches. That said, it usually takes a carp to win a match at this spot.

What tactics work well?

Strategy is standard for fishing Soke Road, but users should be mindful of Stacey’s Fishing Club rules.

Barbed hooks are prohibited, while nets and landing nets must be dipped in the dip tanks before use. The main entrance gate must be locked at all times and no litter is allowed. Anyone caught tossing trash or discarding tackle will be reported to the Club.

Fish only numbered swims and do not light any fires. Removal of fish from the venue is strictly prohibited.

No swimming in Soke Road.

Is parking available?

There is a car park at Soke Road. Do not drive beyond the bottom of the slope under any circumstances.

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