Sumners Ponds


Chapel Road, Barns Green, Horsham, West Sussex RH13 0PR, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

The Sumners Ponds Fishery and Campsite is a one-of-a-kind and breathtaking location based near situated in the peaceful Sussex countryside. It comprises 100 acres of lakes, woodland, and pasture. Fishing is available in five exceptional bodies of water, making it possible for anglers of varying levels of experience to indulge themselves.

The facility’s largest specimen water is the Sumners Lake. Carp, perch, roach, pike, and bream are some of the fish found here.  Since Sumners is a challenging body of water, it is advised that only more experienced anglers should fish there. Night fishing is allowed.

Although it is much smaller than the other lakes, Farm Pond is the oldest water body in the facility. Carp, Tench, Roach, Rudd, Crucians, Perch, and Bream are some of the fish that live there. It is perfect for younger anglers and those with less experience but it also offers fantastic fishing opportunities for more seasoned anglers. This lake offers nine different day-ticket swims, one of which is a platform designed specifically for the disabled and located next to the parking lot. Night fishing is allowed.

Match Lake is located further away from the campsite and encompasses a total area of 3.5 acres. It is thriving with Mirror and Common Carp, Chub, Barbel, Crucians, Tench, Bream, and Roach, making for excellent fishing opportunities. Although it is more of a match lake, day ticket anglers can also have a lot of fun fishing here. Members have access to night fishing throughout the year.

Fish species such as barbel, chub, tench, golden tench, perch, bream, roach, and Crucians are abundant in Ribbon Lake thanks to extensive stocking efforts. It is a favorite spot for match fishing but it is also well-suited for novice anglers or fishing duos consisting of a parent and a child.

The most recent addition, Betty’s Lake, is ideal for seasoned anglers. The specimen lake has a large number of Redmire Common and Simmonds Mirror Carp, along with a large number of stocks from Sussex Scaley’s and Priory Fish Farm.

The lake is also to Pike, and Roach. Betty’s Lake is located in a particularly quiet and serene part of the campsite, and it features three strategically placed islands. Additionally, it offers a number of spacious dugout swims ideal for carp anglers. Members are required to make reservations to fish at night.

What size do the fish go to?

Fish weights vary from one water body to the next but the maximum weights are as follows: Mirror Carp up to 37lb, Carp up to 35lb, Perch to 4lb, Roach to 2lb,  Bream to 8lb, Barbel to 8lb, Chub to 6lb, and Pike up to 22lb.

What tactics work well?

Fishing tactics also vary from one spot to the next but the best tactics include float fishing, feeders, and zig rigs. The best baits are legered boilies, pellets, worms, tiger nuts, maggots and corn to name a few.

What facilities are on site?




Access for the disabled

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available.

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