Tulchan Sporting Estate


Tulchan Lodge, MORAY PH26 3PW, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Tulchan Sporting Estate, nestled on the River Spey, offers eight miles of classic fly water fishing. The fishery is suitable for all, from amateurs to experienced anglers. Both members and non-members are welcome to enjoy four unique beats. In addition to river fishing, the Estate’s Glenmore Trout Loch is available to ensure fishing activities continue even on rare occasions when the river isn’t accessible.

What Size Do The Fish Go To?

While exact sizes of the fish are not mentioned, the River Spey is renowned for its salmon fishing. It’s reasonable to assume that anglers might encounter salmon of various sizes, possibly including substantial specimens. The Glenmore Trout Loch, as the name suggests, is home to trout, although the size range for this species isn’t specified.

What Tactics Work Well?

The Estate encourages fly fishing, a method commonly employed for both salmon and trout. Various fly patterns and techniques can be effective depending on the season and local conditions. As the River Spey is known for Spey casting, a fly casting technique, this might be particularly useful here.

What Facilities are On-Site?

The Tulchan Sporting Estate offers a range of amenities for a memorable fishing experience. Comfortable riverside fishing huts, equipped with a log stove for the winter months, provide an ideal spot for lunch. Accommodation for up to 12 guests is available in holiday cottages and a sister lodge – Knocktulchan. The Tulchan Kitchen can provide dinner, delivered directly to the accommodations, after a satisfying day of fishing.

Is Parking Available?

The information provided does not specifically mention parking facilities. However, given the Estate’s accommodation provision and its overall size, it is reasonable to assume that parking is likely available for guests. For exact details, it would be best to contact the Estate directly.

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