Turbary Carp Syndicate


Sharpham, Somerset

Fishery Information

Turbary Carp Syndicate is a unique carp fishing venue in the beautiful countryside. The lake was initially dug for peat and clay-lined for recreational use. The current owners have turned it into a stunning specimen carp water with unique features and an impressive stock of carp.

What size do the fish go to?

The carp in Turbary Carp Syndicate are young, strong, and growing well. The lake boasts several different strains of carp, including linear, fully scaled, leather, two-tone, long commons, and commons with huge frames. The carp all look different, and some are truly unique. Although it is not a runs water, it is a specimen carp water, and the carp are of a good size.

What tactics work well?

Various tactics work well at Turbary Carp Syndicate. The lake’s unique features, such as gullies, channels, and gravel bars, provide opportunities for different fishing methods. Anglers have reported success with boilies, pellets, and particles. The carp are known to be partial to sweet and fruity flavours, and fishing in the margins can also be productive.

What facilities are on site?

Turbary Carp Syndicate offers a range of facilities to ensure anglers have a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The lake boasts underwater air stones for silent yet effective aeration, and the lake’s oxygen levels are checked twice daily. There are also toilet facilities on site, and anglers are reminded to leave them clean and tidy after use.

Is parking available?

Turbary Carp Syndicate is fenced and secure, and ample parking is available on site. This ensures that anglers can transport their gear to their swim and keep their vehicle close by for added security. The lake is safe from predation, and the parking area is well-lit for added safety at night.

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