Woodland View Fishery


Hay Lane, Hadley, Droitwich WR9 0AU, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Maybe best known as a match location, the Woodland View Fishery is located near Droitwich, 15 minutes away from the M5.

There are eight pools at Woodland View, with more than 200 pegs.

Woodland Pool is the first fishery on the property and one of the most popular. It is noted for more laidback fishing, making it ideal for junior anglers and those looking to kick back. This is half an acre in size, with a total of 22 pegs.

Arles Pool is two acres in size with 40 pegs. Primarily a match pool, Arles has an island in the middle.

High Pool is the deepest spot at Woodland View. It is an acre in size with 35 pegs, with depths ranging between eight and 10 feet.

The Front and Back Deans are considered one spot at Woodland. This is primarily a match water, with 33 pegs on the front and 31 pegs on the back.

“The Twins” are comprised of Hay Pool and Barley Pool, two canal-shaped lakes holding 20 pegs each.

Ghost Pool is another match pool, with 25 pegs. It’s about an acre in size.

What size do the fish go to?

Common, mirror, and leather carp up to a dozen pounds are found in Woodland Pool.

Fish in Arles Pool range from carp up to 20 pounds to bream up to four pounds.

Carp up to 25 pounds roam High Pool.

Small carp from eight ounces to four pounds are found in Hay Pool and Barley Pool.

Ghost Pool features small carp up to eight pounds.

What tactics work well?

Pole and waggler fishing is most prevalent on Woodland Pool. In the summer, shallow fishing with maggots should turn up good amounts of rudd.

Pole fishing is popular on Arles Pool, especially in the margins.

Floating bread works well at High Pool in the summer months.

What facilities are on site?

Facilities and swims at Woodland View Fishery are accessible for anglers of all abilities. There is a shop and cafeteria on the property.

Is parking available?

There is ample parking at Woodland.

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