Abbey Lakes


Abbey Lakes Hall, Orrell Rd, Orrell, Up Holland, Wigan, Greater Manchester WN5 8RD, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Located on the border of Orrell and Upholland, Abbey Lakes is a popular coarse angling facility known for its tranquility. Aside from being a haven for anglers, the facility is also a sanctuary for a diverse range of local wildlife.

The lake is surrounded by angling platforms, which can be reached via a path that circles the entire site. The site does not have a resident angling club, and anyone who has the appropriate rod licenses is welcome to come and fish free.

A complete set of site rules is posted near the lake on signs that are clearly visible to everyone.

Now the silt is 4ft deep around the edges all the way out to a center circle of about 20 ft where it goes to 6ft. Now in 2023you have 2ft of fishable water.

What size do the fish go to?

Not able to get the information at the moment

What tactics work well?

Appropriate fishing rod


What facilities are on site?


Is parking available?

Yes parking is available

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2 thoughts on “Abbey Lakes”

  1. abbey lakes is good for walking the dog and that’s it
    I don’t know who wrote this page in 2022 but the only correct information is that there is a car park.
    the 2 “new” 2009 large platforms have been destroyed and currently do not exist.
    tha last “new” one remaining is so overhung by the trees behind the path that casting is impossible with anything longer than a 6ft rod,
    all pegs are covered on both sides and over top.
    i keep mentioning the “new” platforms because all probably 12 other platforms are either supports only or so rotten it’s not worth testing.
    all “paths” to platforms are non existent apart from the the ones that connect to the past around the lake.
    99-2012 this lake was full of all types of course fish stocked wild and controlled by a great stock of +10lb pike.( these were eradicated by roach fishermen) roach flooded the waters everything else does off.
    now the silt is 4ft deep around the edges all the way out to a center circle of about 20 ft where it goes to 6ft.
    now 2023.
    you have 2ft of fishable water.
    1 large shole of bream ranging from 2lb to 7.38lb
    the lake is only course fishable during the colder months due to the super heavy weed coverage that strangles any possibility of presentation or retrieving fist or gear any time after may up to September.
    I have seen one large pike 10lb upwards around 3 years ago but heard it was found on the bank in the bushes last year.
    since then iv fished about 10 times feeder and lure and only had 1 bite on a small top water crawler From something silver about 2 inch long
    hopefully the bream don’t get to the babys and the council cleans it up


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