Arrow Valley Lake


Arrow Valley Visitor Centre, Battens Drive, Redditch, West Midlands, B98 0LJ, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Arrow Valley Lake is a large fishery at 30 acres in size. This open water provides day fishing, with 70 available pegs.

Arrow Valley Lake was excavated in the 1970s with the intention of providing gravel and clay for a Redditch New Town development. The fishing spot is a popular piece of the South Moons Moat district, complete with plenty of amenities and lots of walking spaces.

Now under the purview of the Arrow Valley Visitor Centre, the lake has fostered excellent fish stocks and cracked down on poaching. The site offers pleasure fishing and match fishing, with the Redditch Foundation of Anglers participating in setting up a number of friendly competitions.

Stock in Arrow Valley Lake includes carp, bream, perch, roach, and rudd.

What size do the fish go to?

The carp in this lake have tipped the scales at 30 pounds. Perch up to three pounds and roach and rudd in the range of one pound are also part of Arrow Valley Lake.

A match record of 93 pounds has been set in these waters, although that’s expected to fall any day now.

What tactics work well?

Method feeders are popular for carp fishers here, but boilies also turn up quality results. Strawberry-flavoured boilies are particularly efficient.

The addition of reed cover at the water’s edge has established a breeding ground for silver fish, plus it provides excellent cover for anglers looking to do a little stalking.

What facilities are on site?

Arrow Valley Lake features a large visitor’s centre, along with a café that overlooks the water. There’s a children’s playground and many other facilities in the area.

Is parking available?

There is ample parking at Arrow Valley Lake.

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