Blackberry Pool


Huntingon, Near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Fishery Information

Blackberry Pool is just outside Huntingdon and is a lovely and peaceful 1 and a half acre lake. The lake hasn’t been fished too much in recent years, which is really exciting. The original stock in this lake was only about 15 carp, but in 2013, more carp were added to the lake, some of which were over 20lbs already. So, there is a very good chance of catching a big carp at Blackberry Pool, which is exciting for all carp anglers.

What size do the fish go to?

The exact lake record for Blackberry Pool isn’t too well documented, but we do know that catching a 28lb carp isn’t difficult at this lake. There are also plenty of mid-20 carp and a good few double-figure carp as well. This doesn’t have the largest stock of carp, but it certainly makes up for it in quality. These carp are beautiful and fight extremely hard as well.

What tactics work well?

You really need to be fishing well to fish Blackberry Pool successfully. The carp love a scrape on this lake, so you need to be on your rods as quickly as you can. Bright bottom baits will always work on this water, and the carp love corn too. Corn must be in your spod mix, but adding some to your rig could give you an edge as well.

What facilities are on site?

There are no facilities at Blackberry Pool that we know of.

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available.

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