Blundells Farm Fishery


Prospect Ln, Rixton WA3 6EJ, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Nestled near Warrington, Blundells Fishery is renowned for its superb pleasure and match fishing experiences. With seven picturesque lakes, this fishery is home to an impressive variety of species, including stunning bream, carp, tench, roach, and F1s, earning it a beloved reputation among anglers.

Exploring the Lakes of Blundells Fishery

  • Oak and Willow Pools – These are the major bodies of water at Blundells Fishery, well-stocked with a diverse range of coarse species. Anglers participating in Blundells Fishery open matches frequently experience weights often touching three figures, a testament to the rich biodiversity of these pools.

  • Hawthorne Canal – With 15 pegs, the Hawthorne Canal provides a great fishing experience for all types of anglers, further cementing the reputation of Blundells Fisheries as a comprehensive angling destination.

  • East Lodge Canal – Perfect for match fishing, this 19-peg, canal-style water body is brimming with F1s, roach, crucians, chub, and perch.

  • West Lodge Canal – Known for its carp, this 18-peg water at Blundells Fishery Warrington is predominantly stocked with carp, delighting match fishing enthusiasts with its bountiful stock.

  • Ash Canal – A recent addition to Blundells Fishery ponds, the Ash Canal is a 19-peg canal-style pond mainly stocked with carp.

  • Pine Canal – This newly introduced 20-peg canal type pond is filled with a large number of smaller fish, including carp, ide, chub, and skimmers, adding to the diverse angling offerings at Blundells Fishing.

Blundells Fishery Rules and Regulations

Blundells Fishery maintains specific guidelines to ensure a sustainable ecosystem and fair angling environment. These rules include the use of barbless hooks only, no fishing between markers, and keep-nets are only permitted during matches. Also, pets are not permitted on the premises.

Parking and Facilities at Blundells Fishery

For convenience, there’s ample parking available next to each lake at Blundells Fishery. This ensures anglers can easily access their chosen fishing spot with their gear. Additionally, on-site facilities include a toilet, ensuring basic amenities for anglers during their fishing trip.

Blundells Fishery Open Matches and Ponds

Regularly hosting open matches, Blundells Fishery draws a loyal following of anglers from around the region. Its well-maintained ponds, diverse range of fish species, and competitive spirit make Blundells Fishery a top choice for both pleasure and match fishing enthusiasts.

In summary, the extensive offerings of well-stocked ponds and its stellar reputation for great fishing experiences place Blundells Fishery at the forefront of angling destinations. Whether you’re an avid match fisherman or a pleasure angler yearning for a relaxing day by the water, Blundells Fishery is certainly a venue to explore.

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