Boyd Valley Lake


Golden Valley Lane, Bitton, Bristol BS30 6NY, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Boyd Valley Lake is a picturesque fishing destination located halfway between Bath and Bristol. The 1.5-acre lake is perfect for anglers of all skill levels, from children to experienced fishermen. The site has been operating since 1999 and offers camping facilities with toilets and showers, making it an ideal location for a relaxing getaway.

What size do the fish go to?

Boyd Valley Lake is home to a variety of fish species, with carp reaching up to 20 pounds. Other species include tench, roach, bream, and barbel.

What tactics work well?

The lake is suitable for anglers of all abilities, and the diverse fish population allows for a range of tactics to be employed. Anglers can target carp using baits such as boilies, pellets, and corn, while tench, roach, and bream can be caught using float fishing techniques with maggots, casters, and bread. Barbel can be targeted using ledgering tactics with meat, pellets, or paste baits.

What facilities are on site?

Boyd Valley Lake offers camping facilities with toilets and showers, making it perfect for a well-deserved holiday. The site is surrounded by beautiful scenery, encouraging a break from the outside world.

Is parking available? Parking information is not provided in the given text. However, it is common for fishing venues to have parking spaces available on site or nearby. It is recommended to contact Boyd Valley Lake directly for more information on parking options.

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