Bewl Water Fishing


Bewl Water, Bewlbridge Ln, Lamberhurst, Wadhurst TN3 8JH, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Bewl Water is the largest reservoir in the South East, spanning 770 acres and situated in Lamberhurst, Kent. This popular venue offers a wide range of fishing opportunities, including fly fishing and any method fishing for large trout, pike, and sizable perch. Anglers can fish from around 9 miles of shoreline or hire one of 54 motorized boats to explore the vast waters.

What size do the fish go to?

Bewl Water is known for its large trout and pike, with pike reaching over 30 pounds. The reservoir also contains good-sized perch for anglers to target.

What tactics work well?

Fly fishing and any method fishing are both popular at Bewl Water. Bank fishing tactics include casting directly into the wind or at a 45-degree angle across the wind to maximize catches. Using a slow and low retrieve works best early in the season. When windy, employing a ‘midge tip’ or ‘sink tip’ can help maintain the depth of your flies, keeping them close to the bottom without snagging.

What facilities are on site?

The Waterfront Café offers a selection of light meals, sweet and savoury snacks, ice creams, and hot & cold drinks. The café is dog-friendly and has a large terrace overlooking the water. A fishing lodge, tackle, flies, and waterproof clothing are also available.

Is parking available?

Boat hire is available for one to three anglers aged 18 years or older, and boats must be booked in advance. Trout fishing is available seven days a week, with fly fishing permitted from both the bank and boats. Any method of fishing can only be done from boats. Pre-booking fishing tickets and boats is essential and can be done online.

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