The River Rother


Junction Road, Robertsbridge, TN32 5, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

The Rother Fishery Association rents several lengths of the River Rother in Kent. There are about 1,200 swims on the river, plenty for all of the members of the club to fish.

The best thing about this river has to be the varied areas to fish. There are very small sections of the river that are narrow and tight. Then there are nice and open areas. There is also fast-moving water sections and slower sections too. So, if you’ve never fished a river before, this is the perfect one to start on as you can practise loads of fishing techniques in different areas.

What size do the fish go to?

There are some exciting club records on this river. Chub have been taken at over 5lbs. There are also roach to over 2lbs, and winter pike going to over 20lbs as well. If you’re prepared to put some time in, carp can also be caught on the river and are a great challenge for even the most seasoned carp angler.

What tactics work well?

Float fishing and the pole are the most used tactics on the river. However, carp tactics do work for the larger carp. You can also try closed feeder fishing to target some of the larger fish of all species. Looking for activity on the water is the best way of finding fish, as many of the areas of this river don’t have many features to fish to.

What facilities are on site?

There are no facilities on the river, but access to it requires barely any walking.

Is parking available?

There are public car parks available for most of the popular fishing areas.

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  1. Hi I haven’t fished the River Rother for many years and the club that I used to belong to no long has rights to it. Do you have a list of clubs who would have rights to fish the river as i’d like to join one that does?

  2. Chris I believe Pulborough Angling Society have a stretch. Like Yourself I fished it years ago with My Dad at Fittleworth…happy days!


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