Carp Fishing In The Lake District

The tranquil charm of the United Kingdom, with its diverse landscapes and pristine waterways, lures many fishing enthusiasts. One such jewel is the Lake District in Cumbria. This haven for carp fishing offers a unique blend of natural beauty and abundant angling opportunities. Dive in with us as we explore the best carp fishing spots in the Lake District, giving you a taste of what to expect from each spot.

Lonsdale Park

Lonsdale Park is a premier fishing spot for carp enthusiasts in Cumbria’s northern part. Just a stone’s throw away from the delightful town of Carlisle and the historic Hadrian’s Wall, the park boasts five distinct lakes, each teeming with various fish. The accommodation is near the lakes, enabling you to enjoy a unique fishing experience right from your doorstep. The largest carp caught here often weigh around 30lb, with perch, roach, and tench making up a diverse catch.

Ratherheath Tarn

In the heart of the Lake District lies Ratherheath Tarn, a majestic fishing spot surrounded by stunning landscapes. The carp here are abundant and lively, but access to this premier location requires Windermere, Ambleside and District Angling Association (WADAA) membership. The club offers a variety of membership options, starting from £40 a year for youth membership, making it an affordable and rewarding venture for keen anglers. The record here is a 20lb 6oz mirror carp.

Whins Pond, Part of The Rowley Estates

Situated amidst the serene landscapes of Cumbria, Whins Pond is a gem that forms a part of The Rowley Estates. Easily accessible and signposted along the A686, this picturesque spot lies just two miles from Penrith, near Edenhall.

Whins Pond offers an extraordinary coarse fishing experience across approximately eight acres of water. It is a well-stocked waterbody, hosting a diverse range of fish species that includes tench, bream weighing up to 14 lbs, and substantial carp exceeding 20 lbs, not to mention an abundance of roach. The pond boasts 30 pegs, ensuring ample space for anglers to partake in their favoured pastime.

Whether you’re an angler seeking the thrill of competition, a specimen hunter on the quest for the next big catch, or simply someone looking for a peaceful day of pleasure fishing, Whins Pond caters to all. The water is packed with features that create a fulfilling and diverse fishing experience. Overhanging trees, water lily beds, and platform-style swims provide unique spots to cast your line and test your skills.

Brayton Park

Brayton Park offers a one-of-a-kind experience with the UK’s only naturally stocked carp lake. Near the market town of Aspatria, this 8-acre lake provides a unique opportunity to engage in traditional fishing practices, allowing you to connect with the time-honoured customs of the angling world. Please note that you must be a guest at one of the lodges and make a reservation in advance to fish here.

Carleton Hill

Carleton Hill is a top pick for those looking to enjoy excellent facilities and a variety of fish. Located near Carlisle and major roadways, Carleton Hill is not just about fishing; it’s a destination. Here, 25lb carp are not uncommon, and the carp are nothing short of excellent. The fishery also houses a well-stocked tackle shop and offers tuition when needed, making it a great place for novice and experienced anglers.

Lower Ormsgill Reservoir

This reservoir is a dream destination for wildlife lovers and carp fanatics alike. Its features, like overhanging trees and reeds, provide a promising venue for catching double-figure carp. The current record stands at 20lb. A responsible adult must accompany juniors and disabled individuals due to the long walk to the lake.

In conclusion, with its breathtaking landscapes and rich fishing grounds, the Lake District is a dream come true for carp fishing enthusiasts. Whether it’s a quiet afternoon by Lonsdale Park’s lakes or a memorable stay at Brayton Park, the region offers unique experiences that leave anglers returning for more. So, grab your gear, and let the fishing begin!

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