Cefn Mably Lakes


Cefn Mably, Cardiff, Gwent CF3 6LP, Wales, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Situated in a rural setting in Wales, Cefn Mably Lakes is a fishing facility situated between Newport and Cardiff and. The lake complex comprises a total of 8 lakes, which are divided into two coarse lakes and six specimen Carp lakes, including the Spring Lake and Bridge Lake, which are now home to new vacation rentals.

The Lodge Lake is the most popular of the Specimen Lakes. It is just about 5 acres in size and has 12 large swims. A neat large chipped area surrounds each swim. fish over 30 pounds are now in the lodge lake, with the lake record being 37 pounds.

The Carp pond has been in existence for 25 years and occupies a land area of around 1.5 acre. The pond has three very spacious and huge pegs, two double pegs, and a single peg. The lake has many silver fish and carp.

Spring Pond is a beautiful specimen and home to luxurious cabins. The only cabins where you may fish are the Osprey and Kingfisher cottages. You will find carp ranging in size from 8 to 30 pounds, with several high doubles and fish weighing more over 20 pounds here.

The Horseshoe Pond features eight very spacious huge pegs, with each one offering something unique to the your angling experience. Carp and various silver fish are the main habitats in this pond, with some carp weighing in excess of 20 pounds.

A very popular lake to fish all year round, is the Willow Pond. Its simplicity makes it a particularly appealing lake to fish for large fishing groups, clubs, beginners, and children. A significant advantage is the fact that it performs admirably in every weather condition. F1 Carp are the primary stock in this high action coarse pond, with a healthy population of skimmers and chub as well.

What size do the fish go to?

Fish can go up o 30lb

What tactics work well?

Coarse fishing tackle




Landing nets

What facilities are on site?

On-site cafe

On-site toilets

Tackle shop

Is parking available?

Yes parking is available

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