College Reservoir


Little Antron, Antron Ln, Mabe Burnthouse, Penryn, Cornwall TR10 9JD, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

The College Reservoir, which is located at Mabe Burnthouse, in Penryn, Cornwall , is sheltered as a nature reserve. It is situated at the head of a valley covered in trees and is easily accessible via a path from the commercial center of Penryn. Visitors will have an easier time exploring this breathtaking location because of the path, which also serves as connection between Mabe, the nearby Argal Reservoir, and the town of Penryn. Carp and pike are the two most common species found in this area.

The nearby Argal Reservoir, found in Cornwall, close to the town of Penryn, is regarded throughout the country as one of the most productive fishing spots in the southwest region. The reservoir has a surface area of 65 acres with 25 swimming areas. A significant number of the carp were moved to this reservoir from the nearby College Reservoir some couple of years ago.

Carp, pike, tench, bream, roach, rudd, perch, and eels are all habitats in the reservoir. Only during the winter months of October 1st through February 29th is pike fishing possible. In recent years, the pond has been re-stocked with carp weighing more than 30 pounds each. The fishing season lasts throughout the entire year and runs from daybreak until dark every day. Online permit purchasing is available for either day or seasonal fishing.

What size do the fish go to?

Carp up to forty pounds, pike up to twenty-five pounds, bream up to fifteen pounds, perch up to three pounds. In the past, carp have reached weights of almost 43 pounds. The carp known as “The Secret,” which weighs about 40 pounds on average when caught, is the species that is sought after the most.

There is a healthy population of big bream, with most of them weighing well over 5 pounds on average. It is not unusual for recreational anglers to catch between 75 and 150 pounds of fish in a single day. No information is available from College Reservoir.

What tactics work well?

Coarse and carp fishing tackles

What facilities are on site?

There is a café at the lake, as well as a children’s play area, picnic tables, and public restrooms, one of which is equipped for disabled visitors. Below the parking lot, there is a fishing platform accessible for wheelchair anglers.

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available at £2.50 for two hours, and £5 for the whole day

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