Fish O’Mania 2023 Results (And Our Thoughts On The Event)

Event Overview and General Impressions

Despite less favourable weather, Fish O’Mania 2023 delivered an event worth watching. . It was fascinating to observe the competitors braving the elements, using their skill and expertise to pull in a remarkable number of catches. This was a true testament to the competitors’ abilities and a reflection of the high quality that this event attracts every year.

Victorious Matty Dawes – A Masterclass in Angling

Our congratulations to Matty Dawes, who emerged victorious in the 2023 edition of Fish O’Mania, hauling an impressive total weight of 52.875kg (116 lbs). Dawes was a competitor we had our eyes on, as we had previously highlighted him as one to watch following his win in the practice match. He did not disappoint.

Dawes showcased brilliant strategy and a strong understanding of the game. He took the lead early on and maintained it throughout the competition, although not without a share of nerve-wracking moments. The final half hour of the game was particularly tense, as Dawes’ spot seemed to dry up while the others started to pull ahead. But showing the heart of a true champion, Dawes caught a few fish right at the end, securing his victory by about 8lb.

The Consistent Runner-Up – Andy Power

Another competitor worth mentioning is Andy Power. Power, who we had also spotlighted as a potential standout, managed to secure the second position. Although this is the third time he has earned this spot, his consistent performance suggests that he could soon find himself in the top spot.

Westwood Lakes – A Fantastic Venue

This year, the final took place at Westwood Lakes, and we were more than impressed by the choice of venue. The spectators situated close to the anglers created a more intimate and personal atmosphere that added an extra element of thrill to the competition. The vibe at Westwood Lakes is different from that of Hayfield Lakes, where the competition used to be hosted. Some might find this closeness daunting, but overall, it added to the spectators’ experience.

Public Reaction – A Mixed Bag

After the event, we scanned various social media posts to gather a sense of public sentiment. The reactions were mixed. Some viewers believed the coverage could have been better, desiring more screen time for each angler and more knowledgeable commentary. On the other hand, others commended the venue, praised the close competition, and enjoyed the overall event.

Final Thoughts from Fishery Guide

At, we thoroughly enjoyed watching Fish O’Mania 2023. It was a close event, packed with excitement and suspense. The TV coverage by Sky Sports was much appreciated, and we genuinely hope they continue to broadcast this event in the future. The presence of Andy May as a commentator brought a lot of personality to the show, and we’d love to see him back, either as a competitor or a presenter.

To summarise, Fish O’Mania 2023 was a fantastic event that delivered in all aspects. It was an exciting competition that captured the thrill and drama of the sport we love, and we’re already looking forward to what next year’s edition will bring.

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