Flaxland Fishery


Flaxlands Ln, Wootton Bassett SN4 8DY, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Flaxlands Fishery offers a fantastic angling experience with two well-stocked lakes, providing beginners and seasoned anglers opportunities. The fishery is easily accessible and well-maintained, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable day out for everyone.

Fish Size

The fish at Flaxlands Fishery vary in size, with the largest carp weighing over 20lb. This makes it an exciting destination for anglers looking to catch impressive fish while enjoying the serene surroundings.


Flaxlands Fishery caters to a wide range of fishing tactics, depending on the angler’s preference and skill level. Experimenting with different baits, rigs, and techniques can lead to success and enhance your overall experience at the fishery.


One of the highlights of Flaxlands Fishery is its excellent on-site facilities. Anglers can enjoy clean toilets and a cafe that offers hot and cold food and drinks, which can be delivered right to your swim. This ensures a comfortable and enjoyable fishing experience.


Flaxlands Fishery offers ample parking for anglers, making it easy to access the fishery and transport your gear to your chosen swim. The well-maintained paths around the lakes further ensure that you can easily reach your fishing spot, adding to the overall convenience of the fishery.

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