Foggathorpe Trout Fishery


Foggathorpe, UK

Fishery Information

Anticipated to open in the spring of 2022, Foggathorpe Trout Fishery promises an immersive fly fishing experience in the serene Yorkshire countryside. While specific details about the fishery’s offerings are not yet available, the administration has announced regular stocking to ensure a fantastic angling experience. Nature lovers will appreciate the presence of various wildlife such as buzzards, deer, hares, and various bird species.

What size do the fish go to?

No specific information has been provided about the average size of the fish at Foggathorpe Trout Fishery.

What tactics work well?

Since Foggathorpe Trout Fishery is not yet open, effective fishing tactics have not been shared.

What facilities are on site?

No specific information has been provided about the facilities at Foggathorpe Trout Fishery, but they have confirmed the availability of a car park.

Is parking available?

Yes, Foggathorpe Trout Fishery has confirmed that a car park will be available for visitors.


The daily rate for fishing at Foggathorpe Trout Fishery is £13.

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