Queen’s Road Pond


Park Ln, Ripon HG4 3HS, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Sometimes known as the Queen’s Road Ponds, the Queen Mary’s Ponds are two spots located in Ripon Parks.

This spot is located just past the golf links, about three miles north of Ripon.

The Queen Mary’s Ponds are overseen by the Bradford No1 Angling Association, one of the oldest and most well-established Associations in the country. With fishing rights on more than 70 waters and over 2,500 members, this organization takes fishing very seriously.

The Queen Mary’s Ponds are scenic and lined with reed beds.

The first pond is known as the Figure of Eight because of how it is shaped. This water ranges from shallow spots of three to four feet to some steep drops up to over 10 feet. The bottom of the lake is very uneven and measure about eight to 10 feet deep.

The second lake is known as the Big Lake. This is to the north of the Figure of Eight and features an island and several bays. As with the other lake, the Big Lake’s depths can be hard to fathom and are very erratic. Some shallows hit only three feet in depth.

The Queen Mary’s Ponds are private waters.

The ponds are stocked with pike, bream, carp, gudgeons, perch, roach, tench, and eels.

What tactics work well?

Be aware that the area surrounding these ponds is an English Nature SSSI site.

Association rules must be followed on these waters at all times.

Is parking available?

There is parking available near the Queen Mary’s Ponds.

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