Tanfield Lodge Lake


Park Lane, West Tangfield, Ripon, North Yorkshire HG4 5LE, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Tanfield Lodge Lake is a gravel quarry converted into a lake located in a serene rural area close to the River Ure. It is the perfect place for an experienced angler to go fishing, and it has a reputation for having high-quality fish, clear water, and beautiful surroundings.

The lake receives its water from springs fed by the limestone aquifer, providing it with exceptional water quality and clarity. It is also the ideal environment for a high-quality fishery’s natural insect and fly life. It is primarily stocked with rainbow trout that can weigh up to three pounds and receives an annual addition of brown trout fingerlings to grow on.

Anglers are strongly encouraged to release brown trout to experience the exciting fight these fish put up, especially if they can land a seven-pounder on the hook. There is typically not a large stock of fish, but there is a good head of fish in the lake in the 2-3 pound range, which quickly acclimates to the water and can offer more natural sport. The mission of the fishery has always been sport angling and to keep the price affordable.

What size do the fish go to?

Rainbow trout can go up to 3lbs

What tactics work well?

Fly fishing

What facilities are on site?

Fisherman’s Lodge


Disabled access

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available.

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