Grafham Grange


Grafham, Guildford, UK

Fishery Information

This fishery is run by The Cranleigh Angling Society.

Grafham Grange is our newest water located in Grafham along the A281 between Alfold and Bramley. It comprises two lakes, with the first being 2½ acres in size and the second .7 of an acre in size.

What size do the fish go to?

The bigger lake holds Carp in excess of 20lb, both Common and Mirrors. The Bream in this lake average from 4lb to 6lb, and there are also Tench, Roach, and Rudd present. The smaller lake likely holds a few Carp, Perch, Roach, and Rudd.

What tactics work well?

For Carp anglers, various tactics and baits suitable for catching Common and Mirror Carp can be employed in the bigger lake. Other species like Bream, Tench, Roach, and Rudd may respond well to different approaches and baits.

What facilities are on site?

The fishery provides access to two lakes, with the bigger one featuring three small islands for fishing. The depths in the bigger lake go up to 5ft (1.5 m).

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available at the fishery, making it convenient for visitors to access both lakes and enjoy their fishing experience.

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