Home Farm Fishery Cheshire


Hall Drive, Alsager, South Cheshire ST7 2UD, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Home Farm Fishery actually started out as a commercial fish farm to breed koi carp, golden orfe and other exotic fish. Because of this, there’s still a chance that you might hook into one of these original fish and catch a surprise.

After it was a fish farm it was bought in 2000 by a new owner and turned into a day ticket fishery which is now part of Bay Malton Angling Clubs’ card.

Large Wells catfish have been stocked into the lake and these have now grown very big with the largest being 66lb but they do expect bigger catfish to be caught soon.

Back in 2007, a carp of 29lb 13oz was caught but there are expected to be bigger carp in there by now.

Perch are also in this lake with the biggest being 4lb 12oz.

This really is a well looked after, lovely, mature fishery. It’s got an annual restocking program and they also look after the plant life really well which means its a truly a lovely place to sit back and relax.

There are 2 lakes at this venue, the specimen lake and the match lake.

Specimen Lake

This lake is full of lovely, natural features with over 30 sets of lily pads and a lot of nice reed beds. this lake has 20 pegs which are all well made.

Match Lake

This lake has a much wider mix of species and actually includes 16 different species. Here you will find Carp, Ide, Bream, Chubb, Barbel and Tench. The match record is 84lb.

The Canal

There’s also a 3rd, smaller lake. It’s 90 metres long and perfect for juniors or for those that want easy days fishing where it’s easier to catch.

What size do the fish go to?

  • Catfish to 66lb
  • Carp to 29lb
  • Perch to 4lb 12oz

What tactics work well?

Its not known that works well.

What facilities are on site?

A toilet and running water are available on site. There is also a shower at a charge of £1.

Is parking available?

Yes, there’s plenty of parking

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