Ifield Mill Pond


Collins Road & Compassion Close, Bewbush, RH11 8, Crawley, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Ifield Mill Pond is a wonderful fishing lake that is operated by the Crawley Angling Society. It is a members-only lake, but the membership for an annual ticket is cheap, and there are loads of other venues to fish too. The club has match, pleasure and specimen venues, so there is plenty of fishing to do at this club. This water is a carp lake, but match-style and pleasure fishing can also take place here; you just might catch a rather large carp on your float rod!

What size do the fish go to?

The carp in this lake go to at least 20lbs, but we are pretty confident there are a few mirrors and commons in this lake much bigger than this. There are also lovely bream and tench to good sizes. There are also some nice perch, roach and rudd in the lake too, along with a few eels.

What tactics work well?

The Mill Pond has lots of open water and not too many features like reed beds or islands. Many people fish to the far bank with good success. However, if you are using a pole or float fishing, you can use groundbait and bait up a swim to very good effect. For carp, though, a PVA bag to the margin on the other side is a good option.

What facilities are on site?

None that we know of.

Is parking available?

Parking is available close to the lake, but it is a bit of a walk.

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