Killylane Reservoir


Ballyclare, UK

Fishery Information:

Killylane Reservoir is situated on open moorland, with trees around the lake providing good shelter. The reservoir banks are open and there are no access problems at normal water levels. However, caution is advised under low water conditions when mud areas are exposed. Fishing from boats is not allowed at the reservoir.

What size do the fish go to?

Information on the size of the fish is not provided. You may want to contact the fishery for more details.

What tactics work well?

Killylane contains a plentiful stock of wild brown trout, which respond well to popular flies like Cul de Canard (CDC), Bibio patterns, Kate McClaren, and Black Pennel.

What facilities are on site?

A tarmac car park is provided close to the water to facilitate access for people with difficulty walking. However, the location is not wheelchair accessible.

Is parking available?

Yes, a tarmac car park is provided close to the water.

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