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Stanford Ln, Clifton, Shefford SG17 5EU, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

The Clifton Farms Fishery is located between the Clifton Manor House and the Clifton Cricket Club in the civil parish of the same name in Bedfordshire.

This spot is on the park grounds of the Manor House, just on Stanford Lane.

The lake is quiet, which makes it perfect for an angling getaway. It’s also picturesque to the point that the surroundings might distract from the fishing. Might.

In reality, anglers report good numbers coming out of Clifton Farms Fishery and an enjoyable day is almost always a guarantee.

There might be beautiful greenery surrounding the good-sized lake, but the coarse fishing and specimen carp tell customers that this isn’t just another pretty face. With well-appointed pegs around the spot, deep margins to add excitement, and plenty of space for anglers of all skill levels, Clifton Farms Fishery is well worth a look.

Fishing is available with a day ticket.

What size do the fish go to?

This location features carp, bream, roach, and rudd of top-quality sizes. There are some specimen fish in this lake.

Some catches in the 20-pound range have been cited, but there aren’t many firm numbers out there just yet.

What tactics work well?

The features at Clifton make variety the spice of life, especially when it comes to landing the big one. Taking charge near the island is never a bad idea if anglers are seeking a challenge, while the overhanging trees provide coverage from conditions.

What facilities are on site?

Facilities include a stable nearby for anyone seeking a livery yard.

The Manor House is adjacent for those interesting in seeing the potential seat of the Manor of Clifton Lacies.

Is parking available?

There is permit parking on the premises at Clifton Farms Fishery.

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