Lomond Hills Fishery


Holl Reservoir, Strathenry Avenue, Leslie KY6 3HR, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Lomond Hills Fishery is a beautiful trout fishery nestled between the picturesque Lomond Hills, approximately 2 miles northwest of Leslie, Fife. Open all year round, the fishery features three still water reservoirs offering mixed method fishing with 12 boats available for hire and bank fishing permitted. The reservoirs are stocked regularly with rainbow trout and blue trout, and other species include tiger trout, wild brown trout up to 4½ lbs, perch, and pike, catering to anglers of all experience levels.

What size do the fish go to?

Fish at Lomond Hills Fishery can grow to impressive sizes, with wild brown trout reaching up to 4½ lbs. Rainbow and blue trout are regularly stocked, but their maximum size is not specified. Perch and pike are also found in the reservoirs, although their sizes are not mentioned.

What tactics work well?

Since Lomond Hills Fishery offers mixed method fishing, various tactics should be successful, depending on the targeted species and conditions. Anglers can choose from fly fishing, spinning, or bait fishing to suit their preferences and the behavior of the fish.

What facilities are on site?

Lomond Hills Fishery provides several facilities for anglers, including:

  • Free boat hire (advance booking is required)
  • Free rod & reel hire (advance booking is required)
  • On-site portable toilet
  • Free bait fishing lessons for beginners
  • Free parking

Is parking available?

Yes, free parking is available at Lomond Hills Fishery.

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