Lower Broadheath Fishery


Oldbury Farm, Worcester, WR2 6RQ, Worcestershire, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Known affectionately as “the Jam Factory,” the Lower Broadheath Fishery has been operating since the mid-70s. This spot is noted for its fishing, but it got its nickname due to the literal jam factory that was once nearby.

There are six pools at the Lower Broadheath Fishery.

Old Pool is the old school original water, packed with specimen carp.

The Sycamore Pool is stocked with carp, tench, and bream.

The Willow Pool is a match-style water with big catches.

Ash Pond is for big carp, the sort of lake that can really make an angler feel like a professional.

Elgar Pool is the baby of the bunch, a smaller pool with lots of biting and fighting fish.

Finally, Island Pool is a club match venue with quality carp.

What size do the fish go to?

Carp in Island Pool have been known to clock in at the low-30s, while match nets of over 200 pounds have rolled in at Willow Pool.

Carp in the low-20s are common in the Old Pool.

What tactics work well?

Keepnets are allowed at Lower Broadheath Fishery, although all fish over five pounds must be tossed back. No keepnets for small fries.

Barbless hooks only, with no groundbait allowed.

What facilities are on site?

There are new toilets at Lower Broadheath Fishery.

Is parking available?

There is parking available on the premises. The gates are locked at 7:00 pm in the summer months.

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