Lower Tamar Lake


Lower Tamar Lake, Devon EX23 9SB

Fishery Information

Lower Tamar is a 35-acre lake set in stunning surroundings and contains 16 swims which is a nice amount for 35 acres. It gives every swim nearly 2 acres. For its size of 35 acres, it’s actually a fairly shallow lake and is only 10 feet deep.

Big carp live in this fishery with the record being 39lbs but there’s a lot of fish over the 15lb mark.

If carp are not your thing the bream in here goes up to 14lb which is absolutely massive. Roach are 3lb but there’s plenty of fish over 2lb.

This lake can get quite full of weed so just be careful when you hook a big fish as this is where they will head to.

What size do the fish go to?

  • Carp to 39lb
  • Bream to 14lb
  • Roach to 3lb

What tactics work well?

It’s not known what works well.

What facilities are on-site?

Toilets and showers. The venue is also dog friendly.

Is parking available?

Yes, there is a car park.

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