New and Old Dowells River


Rhee Wall, Appledore, TN26 2, Kent, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Set in a stunning location near Appledore, Kent, New and Old Dowell’s is the perfect location for the mobile angler who appreciates stalking their fish.

The stretch of water is home to a variety of species including Tench, Roach, Carp and Pike.

The river is very rarely fished, therefore can throw up some very big surprises for the mobile angler. Both day and night fishing are permitted.

What size do the fish go to?

Bream and Tench reach an average of 6lbs. Roach come in between 1-2lbs, with Carp and Pike often hitting the 20lbs region.

What tactics work well?

Large baits work well on this spot. Using worm, flake, or corn bunches with plenty of loose feed has proven to be advantageous. The fish are shy, therefore if one is hooked, it is beneficial to move along, as the commotion is likely to have sent others off elsewhere.

Is parking available?

There are ample safe parking spots adjacent to the site.

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