Papercourt Lake


Polesden Ln, Ripley, Woking GU23 6JX, United Kingdom

Fishery Information

Papercourt Lake is becoming increasingly popular due to its good access and ideal setting. The venue has a good stock of carp, including the Sutton strain and a Horseshoe cross, and a good head of Mark Simmonds fish. Some of the newer stock fish are now coming out at around the 20lb mark, with the largest carp topping over 40lb. There is also a good stock of tench, with a majority of the fish caught on sweetcorn, maggots, mini-boilies, and bread fished in conjunction with groundbait feeders.


The venue is open to the elements, providing minimal cover, and a huge expanse of water to aid aeration. Papercourt Sailing Club owns and uses this venue, but Papercourt Angling has an excellent working relationship with its members. There is also a public footpath around this fishery, which is popular with walkers, joggers, and dog walkers. The venue permits just 55 rod licences ensuring the lake is not overfished, and the fish are of the highest standard.


There is no specific parking area for the venue, but parking is available around the venue.


The venue has a good range of species with Papercourt Lake’s carp record being 46lb 13oz, the pike record being 34lb 13oz, the bream record being 13lb 6oz, the tench record being 11lb 4oz, the eel record being 6lb 7oz, the perch record being 2lb 8oz, and the roach record being 2lb 4oz.


The annual permits for Papercourt Lake are available from March 15th through to March 14th, and permits are available for both the Main Lake and the Small Lake. The Small Lake has a closed season, but there is currently no closed season on the Main Lake.

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