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Glaziers Ln, Culcheth, Warrington WA3 4AQ

Fishery Information

Located in the beautiful town of Warrington, Partridge Lakes Fishery is a premier coarse fishery set over 70 acres of idyllic Cheshire countryside. There are 394 pegs across 15 waters. All waters are individually landscaped and provide superb coarse fishing for all.

The waters on site are suitable for open match anglers, club match anglers, specimen anglers, and pleasure anglers of all skills and levels. Fish species include high-quality carp, chub, bream, roach, perch, rudd, barbel, tench, ide, and golden tench.

Day tickets are available for some of the finest waters in the Northwest, while yearly memberships are available for the exclusive Gold Lake.

What size do the fish go to?

The biggest fish are in Holbar where they go up to 27lb. However, most carp in there are probably around the 10lb mark, so don’t expect to fish Holbar and pull put 20lb fish all day. Theres also other big fish found in Gold (members only), and Willow and Pine.

Can you walk around Partridge Lakes?

Yes and no.

You can’t walk around the lakes where people fish. Despite this, walkers often ignore the signs and it can be very frustrating for the fishermen. To combat this Partridge Lakes has opened up one lake for dog walks.

To maintain a peaceful and tranquil environment for the fishing community, the fishery itself isn’t open to the public for walks. However, the facility offers a fantastic alternative in the form of their events field.

The events field, also known as the dog walk field, is open to the public for walks, offering an idyllic setting to enjoy some lakeside strolling. It’s conveniently located at the top of the main car park to the left – the area fondly referred to as the ‘pumpkin patch.’

Can you night fish at Partridge Lakes?

No, night fishing is not allowed at Partridge lakes.

How to fish partridge lakes

As someone who has fished there for years and fishes it each year, this is a very hard question to ask, as it changes during every season. However, some general tactics work well on the Coveys and will work equally well on the other lakes in the complex.

My number 1 tip is maggots, maggots and more maggots. 

If you were to go and ask the match anglers what won the matches, a lot of the time it would be maggots. This is a bait that works really well all year round. If it was me, I would fish down the middle of the lake (half way between the islands and the margin) in what is known as “the track”. Start by using a pole pot and pot maggots (or throw them if you are using a rod). Feed 20-30 maggots every 3 to 5 minutes as accurately as you can. 

A lot of people use casters, and matches will be won on these. There is no doubt its an amazing bait, but I always find it more expensive, harder to put on the hook and sometimes its harder to get hold of.

Tips for down the edge. I like to use a mixture of groundbait and micro pellets, but if you don’t have both of these, just pick one of them. Pot it in the margins and fish double maggot over the top of it. If you find you get mithered by small fish, then swap the hook bait to a piece of sweetcorn.

If I can reach the other side of the lake, I like to use maggots again, or maybe expanders on the hook and tap micros over the top.

Here is my tips depending on the season!
Spring: maggots, luncheon meat, groundbait
Summer: Maggots fished shallow up in the water, groundbait and maggots in the mudline and margin.
Autumn: I would still try shallow fishing if it was a warm day. Maggots down the middle of the track.
Winter: I fish quite negative, just maggots most of the time down the track and across in front of the reeds. I would also try expanders and micros as well.

Partridge Lakes Matches

The matches here are great. With it being one of the North West’s premier fisheries it attracts some of the best anglers in the country. Theres not many other places you can go and see regular faces such as Andy Bennett and Kristian Jones on an open match.

I am still relatively new to match angling, having only fished the opens on here for just over 2 years. I have won sections and once managed 3rd place (there was only 10 anglers on that match). However, it must be said the standard here is good! It is almost a bit overwhelming, but I believe if you want to improve then you need to fish against the best. You will find most anglers on the matches are great and will offer advice or tips if you are new. 

If you are thinking about trying the matches I would recommend the Tuesday or Thursday opens are they are usually less busy and I found I enjoyed those more than the Saturday or Sunday opens.

They are all well run matches and always pegged well so that you have loads of room.

What is the best lake at Partridge Lakes?

Choosing the best lake at Partridge Lakes Fishery depends on your fishing goals and personal preferences.

If you are looking for consistent action throughout the day, Willow Lake is often considered the most popular choice. Willow Lake guarantees a good day’s fishing, making it a favored choice among many anglers. Its convenient location right next to the café is a bonus if you fancy a quick brew or snack. However, bear in mind that being close to the cafe can be a bit noisier than the other more secluded lakes. If you are fishing Willow, my tip would be to fish the part on the edge of the islands in the middle. These are especially good if you are feeder fishing as the fish like to swim in between the islands. The pegs that are right in between the little channel to Piper are good as well, watch out if you hook a big carp as they will pull you right into the reeds. I have lost numerous rigs in that section over the years.

For those who relish the challenge of catching bigger fish, Holbar Lake is likely to be the top pick. It is set apart from the main café area, offering a quieter environment to chill out. it’s classed as a runs water, but I think far too many of the carp lads treat it as if its a specimen water with 3 rods out and 20lb line, which just isn’t needed on this lake.

Pine Lake is a hidden gem for those who value consistent bites and an excellent carp population. It might be one of the least fished lakes in the complex, but it teems with F1 carp, promising an active and rewarding fishing session.

What facilities are on site?

Theres a great cafe here which serves breakfast in the morning, sandwiches and burgers in the afternoon and plenty of cakes, chocolate bars, ice creams and a good selection of drinks. On the weekend there’s often pop up food trucks or stalls which are really popular on the weekend. 

Even though its a fishery, it can get very popular with dog walkers, cyclists and just people popping in for a coffee.  Theres a lake right next to the cafe that you can’t fish but you can buy fish food at the cafe to feed these.

There is male and female toilets on site as well.

Is parking available?

The one amazing thing that sets partridge lakes apart from other fisheries for me, is its parking. Even if your turned up on the busiest day of the year there will be somewhere for you to park. Parking is available next to most lakes as well. So even if you can’t walk far, there’s somewhere for you to fish.

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