Shortheath Pond


Bordon, UK

Fishery Information

Shortheath Pond is a three-acre shallow pond located on a large common. The pond contains Carp, Tench, Pike, and Roach. It is a popular spot for night fishing, and members enjoy the social aspect of fishing at this location.

What size do the fish go to?

No specific size information is provided for the fish species present in Shortheath Pond, but it is known to contain Carp, Tench, Pike, and Roach.

What tactics work well?

No specific tactics are mentioned, but given the variety of fish species present, using techniques suitable for each species is recommended. Night fishing is popular at Shortheath Pond, and members enjoy the social aspect of this activity.

What facilities are on site?

No specific facilities are mentioned for Shortheath Pond, but it is a popular fishing location with a variety of fish species present.

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available. From Kingsley, travel approximately 1/2 mile and look for the Nature Conservation sign for Shortheath Common. Continue for 400m, and on your right, you will see a house on the bank. Take the second turning to the left into Shortheath car park. From Oakhanger, the pond is visible on the right, and the house on the bank is on the left. Please note that the car park entrance is deeply rutted (maintained by the council, not OAC) and may cause grounding.

Additional Notes

Shortheath is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (S.S.S.I.), and every care must be given to the flora and fauna. Please take extra care with discarded line and litter. Also, note that from late April onwards, this water has a large population of ADDERS, so extra caution must be taken.

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